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in among the katie couric and steven speilbergs and heads of state, in stroke these folks. she looking fabulous, he with a tux but neither one with an invitation. michaele and tarek salahi didn't have invitations because they arent invited. they posted facebook pictures of them hobnobbing with the white house chief of staff, katie couric, the mayor of d.c. and the vice president of the united states. >> this takes the cake. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: tim mcdermott covered the couple in their finally troubled winery in northwestern virginia. he describes them as social scene regular guy lars and reality show wanna bees. >> nobody is surprised they could pull this off. i've been to the white house. there is an id check, something is going on. >> reporter: despite the embarrassment, the secret service says the couple passed through medical detectors and the safety of the president was never at risk but initial findings identified as secret service checkpoint did not follow proper procedures. one new procedure almost certainly on the way, ask to see an invitation bm
for sarah palin. he was by her side during speeches and interviews, including the one with katie couric. he is reluctant tonight to talk about some of the most controversial claims made by palin in her new bo but tonight he opens up about what was going on behind closed doors. sarah palin a lightning rod for controversy during the capaign is now creating more controversy with her memoir "going rogue." in an interview with oprah monday about the book, palin addressed several of the issues that had people talking during the campaign, including her interview with katie couric. >> that was a seminal defining moment for you, that interview. >> i did not neither did the campaign. in fact, that is why segment two and three and four and maybe five were scheduled. >> reporter: palin went on to say the campaign only committed to one segment with couric but then more popped up. chris edward, deputy chief of staff for sarah palin's vice presidential campaign says that may have been a miscommunication. >> that entire interview was committed ahead of time and then we would -- it really -- you don't add o
oprah calls an interesting interview. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. >> reporter: former vice presidential candidate sarah palin opens up to oprah. she spent the inteiew talking about the campaign, her personal life, and her new book going rogue. included in that book, her thoughts about the now infamous interview with katie couric. >> do you thing that was a defining moment for you? >> i did not beneather did the campaign. that is why segment two, three, four and five were scheduled. >> reporter: she said the mccain campaign praised the interview. >> it said right on good, you are showing your inned pen it is. this is what america needs to see. i am thinking the you think that was a good interview i don't know what a bad interview was. i knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: oprah asked her about her personal life including her marriage, her son trig and father of her grandchild levi johnston. >> you know that is a great question. it is lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing because of course you want -- he is a part of the f
some might call a hot mama. >> we're going to go with katie holmes. john: katie holmes. is she the hot mama we're looking for? no! [cheers and applause] john: let's reveal the remaining answers according to our survey. jada pinkett smith. audience: jada pinkett smith. john: number four -- madonna. all right. ["family feud" theme plays] john: gingras family almost at 300 points here after part two of the game. they're on their way to 300, and they only got a few left. the fabry family yet to score. but you know, it's anybody's game still, so don't go away. we're coming right back. john: welcome back to family "feud." gingras family's way out in the lead, 29 points away from 300. but you know this is anybody's game, because the fabry family, yet to score -- they could still take it away. right now, big face-off. john and erika, please join me. [cheers] john: all righty. john, you excited? >> very excited. john: anything can happen here. erika, for you, as well. point values are now tripled. [cheers] john: here we go. we surveyed 100 people, top four answers on the board. name something a
the couple's facebook page looks. they have posted picture with vice president joe biden and katie cure you can among others. and one status update, they said they were honored to be at the white house in honor of the indian prime minister and our first lady and they're there with the fentys. very interesting. >> i believe they're my neighbors. you think i know them. >>> soot story, a deadly twist to a high profile murder case. the man accused of killing a 9- year-old boy in his open home is now dead. officers found jose pena hanging in his jail cell. he was arrested for shooting through an apartment door in columbia heights killing oscar fuentes. sources say that he use the a sheet to take his own life. he was separated from other inmates. residents are wondering what this means or the fuentes family. >> it would have been better for it to go through the court process for the family to ee some justice the right way. >> pena had been in jail since his arrest eight days ago. officials are not saying when they last checked on him. investigation into his death is now under way. >>> tragedy at
with vice president joe biden, the chief of staff and cbs news anchor katie couric among others. a post says that she -- they were honored to be at the white house for the state dinner in honor of india with president obama and our first lady. obviously this investigation is just beginning. we have tried to get in touch with the couple for additional comment but have not heard back. no word on whether they could face charges. of course we will stay on top of this story and bring you more as get it. >> thanks very much. >>> to another big story we're following. the suspect in the murder of this 9-year-old boy found dead in his jail cell today. jose pena was arresadd eek ago for shooting -- arrested a week ago for shooting this little boy through his apartment door. >> reporter: he used a sheet to take his own life. tonight an investigation is now underway at the jail. officials confirm pena was operated from other inmates at the time. the big question tonight is when was the last time someone checked in on this high profile alleged child killer. in the neighborhood of 9-year- old oscar fuent
addressed several issues like her terview with katie couric. she does not make it clear whether she is planning on running for president in 2012. >>> an nfl owners facing a huge fine after being caught on camera behaving rather badly. take a look. this is video of bud adams who owns the tennessee titans. he was seen sunday repeatedly giving the middle finger to buffalo bills fans. the league fined him $250,000. >>> if you are flying out of town today, think before you pack because it could save you some money. we'll give you tips to help awe void the rising luggage fees. >> my goal is to help awe void that by using all of this into a carry-on. it can be done. >> we'll find out how coming up. >>> we'll check morning commute and your forecast. a little hazy out there this morning. fox 5 morning news continues right after the break.  >>> welcome back. we had a nice few days. i guess cloudy today? >> yeah, more clouds than we've seen. i don't think it will be completely cloudy. we'll see more clouds today and cooler temperatures. that is the main thing everyone will notice. let
and katie holmes daughter suri whose name means pickpocket in el cajon ease or horse mackerel in italian. the company's translations will help you avoid naming the baby the equivalent of horse mackerel. check the translation. the cost is
with katie couric. palin called that inteiew bad. her book officially comes out tuesday. >>> there is a valuable lesson going on in some local classrooms. >> business expenses, personal expenses and your savings. >> it is a real bank actually and then we handle money and checks and things like that. >> coming up next, it is never too early for children to learn the value of a buck and that lesson could soon be a requirement. we'll plain. >>> we'll check your friday morning commute and your weekend forecast. you are watching fox 5 morning news on this friday morning. iis 5:42. ♪ (announcer) "new simply cookies from pillsbury. how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? old el paso. hard n soft tacos. true genius. mexican style. >>> welcome back. tony, rking overtime this morning, aren't you? >> yes, we've got a lot going on over there, tucker barnes and i, staying on top of it. let's get right to it. we'll start with hd radar to tell you where we are seeing rain this morning. it is not as widespread. mainly bands of rain coming through asso
cain's campaign staffers for not allowing her to speak more freely and she questions her interview with katie couric and the relationship with levy johnston. going rogue is seen at her shot of redemption from being thrust into the national spotlight in last year's presidential campaign. an expert on republican strategy joined us in the studio this morning to talk more about that. >> the discussion in the book about the staff, by kind of keeping her in the box, i think there is some truth to that. think there were some staff members that she was not well served by and they're approach because they didn't dig down and see where she was connected with voters and what she was all about. is there a potential for her in the future? i think absolutely. and i think what she's doing on this book tour is basically showing herself and we'll see how much of a makeover there is in terms of the eyes of the press. >> palin has not revealed her political plans for 2012. >>> the pilot behind the mirac on the hudson is blasting a new book about the famed flight. captain chesley sullenberger says the book overs
're going to peddle their story for six figures. media loves it. katie couric's producer was supposedly slipping notes into the door of their home to see if she could get the interview. it sells. >> before we get to that question of our celebrity society or crazed focus on that, what should happen to this couple? should -- if there is some federal law that's broken, should the government pursue criminal charges against these people? >> sure. they can be tried in federal court right next to khalid shaikh mohammed. the main effect will be the christmas parties, we've been to the mob scenes. you have to wait outside and people grumble. it may be drizzling. now there will be tighter secuty. the big shots in the media will be standing out there in the rain. since i'm not invited this year, i suspect, that's fine with me. i'm for extremely tight security for the white house christmas party. >> for all those other people. >> exactly. >> kirsten, there is a bigger issue here, and that is what seems to be this insatiable desire on the part of some people to become celebrities and to do almost an
said she had a bad interview with katie couric. she let herself get mishandled. it's up to her to see if she can move ahead. >> mara, i have to tell you, i'm sitting by my desk here preparing my show assiduously and two of the mccain staffers most prominently mentioned in the book, steve schmidt, who called up and said why is the bald guy always the villain, and nicole wallace both called me and said that the palin stories are made up and, quote, total fiction. >> i think what that guarantees is you're going to have this family feud, the palins vs. the mccains, going on for a while. that's going to be one of the sidelines of this story as she makes her big media debut. and they can fight it out. i don't know who's going to end up getting the better of it. i don't think it's going to be good for either of them. i think the question about palin's future, i think she is -- the fact that she's interesting and charismatic and polarizing and has tremendous popularity among the republican base guarantees she's going to have a future as a force in the party, as a media celebrity. the big ques
with some of the stuff. they spent 9 hours with katie couric doing an interview. in politics you never let any politician spend nine hours with a reporter especially when you are running for vice president of the united states, keep it scripted and narrow, make sure she stays on message. 9 hours and they pick 9 minutes or -- whatever it was, then they pick a few minutes out of that, i guarantee you that i can screw up in 30 seconds. if you spent 9 hours in front of a camera -- [overlapping speakers] >> my point is peter in some ways she is justified. >> it is politics. the answer is clearly no. >> when you have nicole wallace saying this stuff never happened, these conversations were totally untrue, she has 413 pages. i don't know if its 13 or 413 she spends doing this. it's too much. we are asked to give advice to sarah palin , i hate the gived a vase to sarah palin . this shows more about sarah palin 's inability to be a serious candidate for united states. this series of interviews based upon the book make people think oh my word, what would have happened if this woman became president
for easily and speaking about her interview with katie couric and levy johnston. >> this is sarah palin's story that she -- this is her account of it so i think it's very typical to see many different sides of the story. >> palin did not, however, reveal her political plans for 2012 nor is he talking about that. and joining us now the president of the terrance group, a national republican polling firm and republican strategist who offers some counsel for the campaign. thank you for oining us this morning. >> glad to be here. >> and let's talk about going rogue. and this came from staffers, what they called her for doing her own thing. what significance does the title have now that she embraces that? >> she brought a lot to the table. i worked at the convention and with her and in terms of the speech she gave. she connected with a large number of voters out there in a very big way. in fact, one of the things we saw in the polling coming out of the convention, it's the only time that -- that ten day period was the only time the mccain campaign was in the lead. so she did bring a lot to th
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